Upgrade Assurance




  • Alex Noussi

    These are pieces of information that Foxit should push to customers in a pop-up format.

    It will sensitize people about using "Upgrade Insurance."

    For example, I wish to upgrade to Foxit Editor 12, but I must repurchase the software.

    I'd rather wait until Foxit Editor 17 and renew with upgrade insurance.

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  • Tim

    I purchased a perpetual license for foxit pdf editor in January of 2022 and I am ineligible for the updated version 6 months later because I didn't buy extra upgrade assurance. Rest assured I won't ever be using or recommending Foxit again, what scummy business practice.

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  • Khaled El Khoury

    Foxit did a bad job for the "upgrade insurance".

    Firstly, every year you have to figure out how to upgrade it, and sometimes you have to chase them many times without anyone of them replying back. Such a bad service.

    Secondly, they don't have in this article how to get upgrade insurance & if you look around their website, it's just a puzzle without finding the answer.


    I wish someone from their top management reads this and understands that this is very frustrating.

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  • Wasan Dedkhad

    If I have purchased the SA 3 months ago, can I immediately renew the SA with a new expiration date?

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