How to split all pages of a PDF document in half at once?




  • Peter Lairo

    Isn't the article missing mentioning needing to set a “Page Zoom” percentage? Wouldn't it be something like 200%?

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  • Package Rate

    To split all pages of a PDF document in half at once, you can use various tools or methods depending on your operating system and preferences. Here are a few ways to achieve this:

    Using Adobe Acrobat:

    1. Open the PDF: Open the PDF document in Adobe Acrobat.
    2. Choose "Crop Pages": Go to Tools > Organize Pages > Crop.
    3. Set Custom Crop: Choose "Custom" from the dropdown menu, and enter the specific values to crop the pages in half.
    4. Apply Changes: Click on "OK" or "Apply" to crop the pages.
    5. Save Changes: Save the modified PDF with the split pages.

    Using PDF Editing Software:

    There are various third-party PDF editing software options available that allow batch processing to split PDFs. Programs like PDFelement, Foxit PhantomPDF, or Nitro PDF often have options to split pages into halves in bulk. The process usually involves accessing the crop or split functionality and setting the parameters to split the pages in half.

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    Command-Line Tools (for Advanced Users):

    For users comfortable with command-line interfaces, tools like pdftk (PDF Toolkit) or Ghostscript on platforms like Linux can split PDFs into halves using specific commands. An example command using pdftk to split all pages in half horizontally would be:

    pdftk input.pdf cat 1-endnorth output output_top.pdf

    pdftk input.pdf cat 1-endsouth output output_bottom.pdf

    These methods provide different ways to achieve the splitting of PDF pages in half. Choose the one that best suits your familiarity with tools and the specific requirements you have for the process. Always make sure to keep a backup of the original PDF file before making any modifications.

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