How to set default size for a stamp




  • Sarah Bareng

    This setting doesn't seem to work for me.  I have a Version: and it does not set current properties as default.  Each time I add a stamp, its back to original size.   

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  • Kevin Groom

    This does the same thing for me.  I figured out why it is happening for me.  The file I was working on was created with Adobe.  I had the same issues the the size of the stamp reverting back to its original size.  If the file is created in foxit, the feature works.  The quick work around is to open the file that was created in Adobe using foxit.  Once open, print the file to a "Foxit PhantomPDF Printer".  Once the new file is created using foxit, you should be able to use your resized stamps.

    Hope this helps.

    Kevin G.

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  • Tim Coulson

    Kevin G. thanks. This needs to be in the main instructions.

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